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1. it’s not your fault when your anxiety or depression flares up and you lose control of your emotions.

2. always remember: when you want to kill yourself, don’t.

3. you’ll forget all about that boy who broke your heart in ninth grade.

4. always remember: you deserve to fall in love with being alive.

5. don’t blame your ex for your sadness.

6. always remember: be nice to your mother, she loves you.

7. cutting calories won’t make you happy.

8. always remember: don’t feel bad about yourself when someone doesn’t want you. it’s not you, it’s them. it’s always them.

9. you don’t need anyone else to complete you. you’re whole as you are.

10. always remember: you are alive and that is a truly wonderous thing.

11. don’t hold people hostage in your life when they decide to leave.

12. always remember: you were beautiful long before he told you that you were.

13. the most toxic people in your life can teach you the most valuable lessons.


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struggling to deal with being cheated on. how do you even come back from that


Me to everyone ever: Don’t rely on other people for validation

Me internally: I need someone to validate my ass

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RIP Rik Mayall 1958-2014

We just lost one British comedy’s true greats.

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Nastya Nudnik, Socially Inept (2014)

"In her ‘emoji nation’ series, Kiev-based artist Nastya Nudnik takes the event notifications from Facebook, Twitter and the lot that we are so familiar with on social media, and updates classical art paintings with these. That one tweak instantly transforms the timeless to something quite mundane.”

I love this so freakin much

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